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We are living in an era in which more than half of the world’s customers are using digital channels to interact with brands. People of all generations are adopting a wide array of digital channels, offering great potential for companies using digital platforms.

It’s important that companies not only offer multiple customer-service channels but also that they offer the right ones. Teleperformance delivers integrated interactions around the globe - and we do it intelligently - we study customers’ behaviours and preferences, closely track consumer’s needs per generation and look for ways to add value for our clients. We can help you define the best combination of solutions and channels, optimise operations and provide outstanding customer experiences to your clients.

Just dial the number. Voice is still the most favorite channel for the 60% of customers worldwide.
Prefer email? You’re not alone – email is the second favorite channel worldwide. Contact Us. Don’t think about it. Just do it and we will send you back Global survey results with Specific Factors Influencing Customer Behavior in your industry.
Don’t like email either?! No worries, 6% of customers prefer chat with a live agent. Click-to-Chat with us! Click-to-Chat.
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Meet Teleperformance Nordic Business Development team

Linda Persson
CCO TP Nordic
Patrik Fromell
BD Director TP Sweden
Satu Turtonen
BD Director TP Finland
Johnny Mortensen
BD Director TP Denmark
Anna Bessarabova
Marketing Manager TP Nordic
Ramona Janson
Strategic Marketing Manager, Nordic region
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